Going Green (green screen, that is!)

Looking for an easy way to bring Green screen into the classroom? Green Screen App by Do Ink
This $2.99 app may make things easy for you.

This article offers 5 easy tips and a couple of examples to get you started.


Using Google Voice in the classroom

google-voice-logo-620x201Are you one of those teachers who wants your students to have access to you, but you really don’t want to have them friend you on facebook or have your personal cell number? Google Voice can help.

This article offers ideas and solutions so you can be accessible without handing over your personal info.

DPL Chrome Extension



If you are using a chromebook or the Chrome browser for your surfing, here’s my newest discovery:

There exists a Chrome extension that allows you to look up books in the Denver library while browsing online.

That’s right, while reading your weekly RSS from your favorite library or bookstore, you can click on the DPL browser icon and see if you can’t just get it for free!

Here’s an article that will tell you more.

Excellent video app for iPad

I am and will always be a fan of slideshow software.
Animoto has always been my favorite and Voicethread has done a lot of updating to stay in my top three, but for those of you who have made the switch to iPads, Haiku Deck is a convenient app that will help you make amazing slideshows with the touch of a screen.

They even have a Pinterest board so you can see some examples of slideshows created by other teachers and judge for yourself.