Folks, If you are not tooting your own horn, who’s gonna do it for you???

screen2bshot2b2018-03-142bat2b07-19-35 Promote, Promote, Promote. 

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Did you ever wish you could put a time limit on that Check for Understanding?

If you use Google Forms in your classroom and you wish you could put a time limit on your form, Richard Byrne has the answer. Read this article on his blog to learn how to put a time limit on a Google Form.

Need some help organizing your classes?

While I am a fan of Google Calendar for my classes, a fellow blogger turned me on to this handy tool as a way to make lesson planning easier.


If you are

not using Edmodo or Schoolnet for your lesson plans, this may be a viable alternative:

Planboard allows you to color code and arrange your classes in an easy to view and manage format that I find appealing. You can share classes, lessons, and attachments with students and there’s even an iPad app!

Remember when…?

DPS LibrariansRemember how nice it was to get to sit down with your colleagues and spend time sharing resources, best practices, and problem-solving solutions?

Well, we can still do it as often as we like thanks to those awesome interwebs!

We have created a Professional community for DPS librarians on Google+ where we can all share resources, ask questions, and share advocacy ideas.

“WOW! That’s awesome, Sudi! How do I sign up,” you say? Well, it’s easy!

1. Sign in to your DPS Google account at

2. Click on this link.

Looking forward to seeing you there!