Libraries Are Not Neutral | Opinion

The Joint Chiefs of Storytime Underground have a clear position: Librarianship is not a neutral profession, and libraries are not neutral spaces.

Source: Libraries Are Not Neutral | Opinion

What do you think? Can we remain neutral and still encourage students to think of our space as a safe space?


Infographic creator

Do you love infographics as much as I do?

Have you thought about having your class create some infographics but are not sure where to start? is a free online space that makes infographic creation easy.

It’s still in beta right now, so there may not be as many bells and whistles as you might like, but it is an engrossing way to spend time presenting information.

David Sanger, Director of  Ed Tech & Library Services here in DPS shared this with us today:

Constitution Day and Election 2012 Classroom Resources

Constitution Day is Monday, September 17, and each school that receives federal funds is required to hold an educational program about the U.S. Constitution for its students. (Because September 17 falls on Rosh Hashanah this year when schools may be closed, schools may celebrate Constitution Day this week or the week of September 24.)

To help schools plan their Constitution Day programs, the U.S. Department of Education has compiled some links to free resources. Access a 200-year timeline that shows the Constitution’s influence on U.S. history, primary documents related to the Constitution’s creation, profiles of the delegates who drafted the Constitution, and more.

Educators who are looking for election teaching ideas and resources may want to check out suggestions from the New York Times’s Learning Network. Students have until September 21 to enter an opinion contest focused on the question “How would the presidential campaigns change if the voting age were 13?” Teachers can access an Election 2012 Unit based on this question, a roundup of the best free election-related websites, 10 ideas for teaching the election, and more.

Trees Cocooned in Spiderwebs in Pakistan

Initially, this is creepy, but it’s also a unique new phenomenon.

In the wake of flooding, spiders that were forced to nest in trees to avoid the waters have enrobed the trees in silk.

Can you see all the possibilities for this story in science and social studies classes?
I sure can!

There are fascinating stories running along the sidebar of this website. It’s a great resource for current events, classroom warm up writing topics, and plenty of other uses.