Technology: the wrong conversations – Do academics dream of electric sheep?

Technology is people. If we were saying (and doing) the right things technology would be embedded in teaching by now. You wouldn’t need people like me.  I have spent years encouraging and sup…

Source: Technology: the wrong conversations – Do academics dream of electric sheep?


Librarian course focuses on promoting students as creators | District Administration Magazine

Future Ready Librarians (FRL), formed by Future Ready Schools (FRS) a year ago, announced a micro-credential for librarians—“Empowering Students as Creators”— has been developed and will be piloted by

Source: Librarian course focuses on promoting students as creators | District Administration Magazine

Teaching Information Literacy is More Important than Ever

This SLJ article by Laura Gardner is an important read/share in the wake of the latest election and the outcry over fake news sites on social media. fakenews

Once again, we are faced with the fact that school librarians’ goal is to teach these lessons in critical analysis of online information and yet so few schools have a school librarian in place.
This is an article I plan to place in my admin’s mailbox.

ALA Launches Online Hub to Support Tech Literacy

Looking for some expert help with tech literacy? ALA is launching a new hub meant to provide resources for digital literacy. According to SLJ:

“The recommendations call for more investment in digital literacy, robust collaborations, and more access to digital literacy programming in educational settings. They also encourage school librarians to ‘identify opportunities to embed digital literacy skills in curricular and research activities.'”

Check out the full article here:

Digital Citizenship

My favorite bloggers posted an article about Digital Citizenship this week. While the article has some great links, I would like to take this time to remind everyone that DPS is partnered with Common Sense Media. They offer a strong curriculum including discussion points, quizzes, pre-and post-assessments, and our own district magician whom the children love!

At the High school level, I have some backtracking to do, which is why this is a great curriculum to use at the elementary and middle schools.

Students and Wikipedia

This article in the Committed Sardine blog is a real thought-provoking addition to the age-old wikipedia discussion…They assert that students who could care less about accuracy in their papers submitted to the teacher are much more concerned about it when submitting to the public domain.  How might this affect your attitude toward Wikipedia in the classroom?