Embracing mobile devices and social media tools | District Administration Magazine

Fast disappearing from schools are internet “lock and block” policies that keep students off social media and restrict them to carefully curated websites. Even with sophisticated filters and firewalls

Source: Embracing mobile devices and social media tools | District Administration Magazine


Design Your Own Digital Choice Board |

This week I had the pleasure of training a group of elementary teachers on blended learning strategies. As a group, they wanted to focus on: Differentiation Student choice Assessment One of the strategies we discussed with the potential to weave these three

Source: Design Your Own Digital Choice Board |

Teaching Information Literacy is More Important than Ever

This SLJ article by Laura Gardner is an important read/share in the wake of the latest election and the outcry over fake news sites on social media. fakenews

Once again, we are faced with the fact that school librarians’ goal is to teach these lessons in critical analysis of online information and yet so few schools have a school librarian in place.
This is an article I plan to place in my admin’s mailbox.

Looking for a quick overview of Edmodo?

This year, the district has made it official.  We support Edmodo and the use of Edmodo in the classroom.

For those of you who have not been using Edmodo, here is a handy cheat sheet for your perusal.


Here is an overview and introduction recorded for Graphite and Common Sense Media. It’s about 25 minutes, but provides a good overview of Edmodo.

ALA Launches Online Hub to Support Tech Literacy

Looking for some expert help with tech literacy? ALA is launching a new hub meant to provide resources for digital literacy. According to SLJ:

“The recommendations call for more investment in digital literacy, robust collaborations, and more access to digital literacy programming in educational settings. They also encourage school librarians to ‘identify opportunities to embed digital literacy skills in curricular and research activities.'”

Check out the full article here:

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

I cannot stress enough the importance of integrating digital citizenship into your daily instruction. From choosing a secure password to not posting inappropriate comments on facebook, to recognizing email scams, the K-12 Commonsense Media curriculum is an easy to use, simple and engaging option.

You can check out the curriculum options online: or you can contact Brian Dino here at DPS to do an entertaining and magical presentation for your class.

Seriously. It’s awesome. Seriously.

Check out a sample here: