Something Librarians have all known…

In this article from SLJ, Researchers  Irene C. Fountas, professor in the School of Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, and Gay Su Pinnell, professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at Ohio State University discuss an important part of choosing appropriate reads for kiddos.


via Fountas and Pinnell Say Librarians Should Guide Readers by Interest, Not Level | School Library Journal


There Is A Difference Between Middle Grade and Young Adult Lit, and It Does Matter

Young adult literature is for teenagers, and it honors their experience going through the torture that is adolescence.

This article talks about the troublesome approach to labeling everything YA, when there is a clear difference between YA books and Middle grade fiction. There are different themes, lessons, and problem-solving scenarios that are relevant to different ages. it can’t all be lumped together and still be appropriate.

Source: There Is A Difference Between Middle Grade and Young Adult Lit, and It Does Matter By Sarah Hannah Gómez

Design Your Own Digital Choice Board |

This week I had the pleasure of training a group of elementary teachers on blended learning strategies. As a group, they wanted to focus on: Differentiation Student choice Assessment One of the strategies we discussed with the potential to weave these three

Source: Design Your Own Digital Choice Board |

Teaching Information Literacy is More Important than Ever

This SLJ article by Laura Gardner is an important read/share in the wake of the latest election and the outcry over fake news sites on social media. fakenews

Once again, we are faced with the fact that school librarians’ goal is to teach these lessons in critical analysis of online information and yet so few schools have a school librarian in place.
This is an article I plan to place in my admin’s mailbox.