School Media Specialists are Teachers.
We cannot be replaced by hourly employees.
We are essential to the success of any educational institution.
We do much much more than just check out books.
We are general curriculum specialists.
We are Information Literacy specialists.
We are 21st Century educators.
We are collaborators.
We are technology teachers.
We make connections.
We  create community.
We offer a safe place for students.
We foster a love of reading.
We are experts in our field.
For more information, links and resources,  visit the DPL Teacher-Librarian Advocacy wiki at

7 thoughts on “Advocacy

  1. An important new article dealing with Information Literacy can be found on Titled : Information Literacy: A Neglected Core Competency and written by Sharon Weigner, this is a great research-based article to share with your administrator.


  2. Check out the Colorado Library blog, The Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.
    While this is aimed at public libraries, the truth is no less relevant to school librarians.

    These are the facts folks: When our libraries are in trouble we have three choices:

    1. We can do nothing, and decline in silence.

    2. We can complain about the situation to ourselves.

    3. We can take steps to positively influence & reframe public perceptions about the financial support of libraries.

    Which choice most benefits you, your school, your students, and future school librarians?


  3. ADVOCACY: Call for Photos and/or Video:

    We are working on another video, aimed toward parents, which focuses on what happens in the library. We want to show how librarians are teachers, collaborators, and mentors. Please send photos or video clips that show learning and fun activities in your library to Include your name and location so we can properly credit you.


  4. Looking for a manifesto?

    The School Library Journal offers a great article on the Evidence Based Manifesto (4/1/2008):

    Print this one and post it in your library, maybe put a copy in your administrator’s mailbox:

    And Here’s Joyce Valenza’s manifesto as of October 2010:


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