STEM games for High School

I received an evaluation copy of Can-TEEN games for girls in the mail today. The accompanying letter from Carnegie was stirring with some interesting facts about girls and STEM careers. For example:

  • “The number of girls who say they like science drops 18% between grades 4 & 12.
  • The number of women majoring in computer science has dropped 70% in this decade.
  • While women make up nearly half the workforce, only 25% of science and engineering jobs are held by women. The disparity among African American and Hispanic women is even greater.”

–Carnegie Science Center

Of course, being the librarian I am, I sat down, slid the disc into my laptop, and tried out the games.  The exploration portion was great; it was informative and insightful, but if you want to really challenge your kids with some great STEM games, you want to try  some of these sites:

  • NoNameSite has some fun and challenging games including a math-oriented claw game, A boolean game, and even a “find the ball int he website” game I got lost for a while in these games:
  • Rice University has some great games for older teens including CSI, pandemics, and clinical trials. The graphics are sleek and the scenarios are challenging:
  • For some great medical games including hip replacement surgery, Choose the prosthetic, and stem cells, try

This is just a start, so if you have others you love, feel free to add them in the comments below!




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