Two incredible websites for Physics

The following text comes from one of my favorite groups on Facebook:

Ever wanted to experience a personal interaction with the scale of everything in the known universe? Well here is your lucky day!

Interactive animation developer Cary Huang has wisely spent some of his time creating flash software programs that enable of physics fanatics to engage with elegantly-accurate illustrations that represent the comparative sizes of the popular and most understood objects through out the entire cosmos known to man; from the largest star to the smallest particle.

Both are titled ‘Scale of The Universe’, and yet despite the two being easy to mistake for each other, there is certainly no harm in stumbling across both of them, as both are inquisitively and exquisitely beautiful! Each animation piece start modestly with the size of humans, accompanied by the likes of beach balls, cars and cacti trees. From here, you are able to swing either left or right on the scale bar, allowing you to zoom either inwards through the infrastructure of the petite and the sub-atomic, or the enormity of galaxies and super giant stars.

Want to find out what things hold the titles of the smallest and largest known objects in the universe? All whilst losing yourself in the fabrication of entrancing animation and music? Well then just spare yourselves a few seconds to load each link and behold the beauty of the universe!


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