Could Technology be doing our students a disservice?

Many people believe that I am an utter technology addict, while in fact, I am a huge fan of the tools that can help the instructional process, but I know that not every bell and whistle has a place in the classroom.


I may tell the kids I am lazy when it comes to research, but I am only lazy when it comes to the time-consuming task of finding credible sources, which is why I go straight to the academic databases before I even think about Google when I am doing important research.


I am a Google addict, but I am acutely aware that Google returns the most popular hits, not the most reliable ones. Our students are Google-hoppers, jumping back and forth, grabbing an information byte here, another there, often forgetting to cite and mostly cutting-and-pasting the bytes together, cobbling together a shallow, broad overview of a topic, not committing the information to their long-term memories, and this is a challenge we all face as educators.


This article echoes those sentiments as well as voicing a few concerns that have lain dormant in the back of my mind for a couple of years.

It may be some good thinking material for winter break…

Researcher: Technology Might Be Returning Us to Stone Age-Thinking

Children and adult minds are changing because of the internet and smart phones—putting more pressure on schools to teach deeper thinking


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