Resources for Earth Day

Earth Day is this Friday.

Be sure to check out our past blog with some informative videos and games related to recycling. One of the most impressive video resources on that blog is worth mentioning again: The Story of Stuff links can be found on our April 22 blog entry.

Let’s go with the easiest resource first: The Earth Day Network is an online website for all things Earth Day 2011. It’s filled with educator tools, videos, articles, and more.  You can also find a myriad of resources on their facebook page.

There will be  Earth Day celebrations all around the state this Saturday:

Let’s go governmental here: The EPA website offers a variety of informative articles and slideshows about conservation and environmental protection for students.

While thinking globally, we can still do research locally. The Colorado State website offers links for educating students as well. Yep, Kids can play games and do math challenges related to Colorado wildlife and energy conservation or they can visit the official web pages for Energy Efficiency and Natural Resources.

Students can also find information by visiting the website for  the Colorado Renewable  Energy Society (CRES) or the blog for the Green Party of Colorado.

The WWF  and the Nature Conservancy have a variety of Earth-friendly options on their website, reminding kids that Earth Day should be every day.

Kids can also search the Colorado Virtual Library, a fascinating local resource,  for resources on Earth Day.

How about a variety of videos for your educational needs? Earth Day Television is a great resource. They offer videos on global warming, Alternative Energy, and more.

How about another online game? Michael Michael Go Recycle is a fun one found on  You help Michael clean up the park and convert the litterbugs. Simple but fun!

Looking for a variety of activity options for all ages? Teacher Vision includes a page of printables, slideshows, math activities and more for Earth Day and many other holidays. A great year-round resource.

Remember The Giving Tree? You can watch the original 1973 version, narrated by Shel Silverstein, here.

Looking for something that is fun and also works for technology and nature? This video, posted on the Committed Sardine blog, is a fun an interesting experiment.

Remember…these are great resources for Earth day, but we should make Earth Day every day.


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