Infobytes for October

A couple of weeks ago, the tv show, Lie to Me had a short reference to “change blindness,” which I remembered talking about this summer with a friend.  It’s actually called “Selective attention…” How is yours? Here are two great videos to test your selective attention: If you are already familiar with the “invisible gorilla” phenomenon, you can skip the original video but you should check out  the newer version.

A few of us have had a great time learning more about our constituents on . This web site uses yard signs to tell voters more about their candidates. You can click on the candidates for a brief summary and use the tabs at the top of the screen to see which ones have voting records that most closely match your values. Great for catching students’ attention, but a handy tool for adult voters as well.

How about an online writing prompt for the class warm ups? Featured earlier on Richard Byrne’s blog,  One Word is an online writing prompt generator. Click on the button and there is a one-word prompt at the top of the screen. Students then have sixty seconds to write a response to that prompt.

How about setting up a list of contact numbers so you can text your students from your email? This is how I spent the day communicating with my daughter while her school was on modified lockdown. This website will tell you how easy it is: If you are looking for a way to send mass reminders to your students in a way they’ll pay attention to, it may be worth the effort to set up a contacts list using these instructions.

I never thought I’d really want to follow DPS on twitter, but #DPSK12 is moderated by Michael Whacker and offers some great tech tips. It’s worth checking out.

Looking for some inspiration that comes from knowing what’s being said about education? The Dangerously Irrelevant blog has a collection of videos by students titled “I hate my teacher.” These are not meant to be a derogatory stab at teachers, but are collected here as a means of finding out what students think about the current educational approach…View at your own risk.

Do you sometimes feel that your wordpress blog is little more than a virtual chalkboard? The Social Media Examiner blog offers information about a plugin called “Buddypress” which assures potential users that they can create “a social network in a box”  in six minutes. I have not yet played with this plug-in, but plan to try it with my book club blog.



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