Infobytes: The “Did You Know…? edition

 Did you know that students can download cell phone ringtones that we can’t hear? It’s called the “mosquito” ringtone and it operates on a frequency that adults can’t hear. Want to test it for yourself? Try this link:

Did you know that you can access that link now by logging into the DPS network with your own login information? While I have found that it does not mean unlimited access to the web, you can click on the link in the DPS filtered page and log in with the username and password you use for Outlook. This will give you Youtube access. However, this also monitors your web usage, so make sure you log out and prevent students from using your computer because what they watch will be tied you YOUR personal account.

Did you know that there are tons of video contests out there for students? These contests can serve as extrinsic motivators or as great classroom tools to teach about editing, pacing, and audience. In fact, If you were to sign up for the Digital Storytelling Module offered by the DPS DEA( ) and co-taught by yours truly, you would have a great toolbox to help students create (literally) prizewinning videos.

 Would you like to know more about those contests?  The Online Video Contests ( )website has an easy to use setup, giving you a list of contests with brief overviews and a countdown of days left. Students can win $10,000 in college tuition if they create a winning video about safe driving, sponsored by the American Lawyers Association, or play golf with Annika Sorenstam by submitting a short video explaining why they should win. (And they check for creativity and copyright infraction) There are many more to be found.  Another great site is .  

Richard Byrne, author of the FreeTech4Teachers blog, has also pointed out a great contest from ( that asks students to create a video titled, “Washington DC through my lens…” which asks students: “Tell us about an issue, event, or topic that helped you better understand the role of the federal government in your life or community.” The focus is on looking at an issue from varying points of view for which our Opposing Viewpoints database or our E-Books would be fabulous. ( )

Did you know DPS-branded web options are coming? You can take a class from your humble librarian to learn more about these fabulous options for creating your own web page without having to wrestle with Manila. Stay tuned for the announcement from DPS and then sign up for my DEA Class (or bring me chocolate) to receive some in-depth training.

Did you know that our downtown library office offers three professional libraries for your use? The Classroom library ( ) is an excellent resource for classroom projects. If you need a selection of books on a particular topic at a variety of reading levels, our Classroom librarian can help you out. She can put together a book basket for you and send it through DPS mail. It does take about a week though, so plan ahead.

Our Video Film Library ( has a large selection of education-related films from jump rope techniques to a documentary on Mexico.

And our Professional Library offers a variety of titles for use in your continuing education. I am currently reading Teaching Generation M : a handbook for librarians and educators which has proven fascinating.

Did you know that Gale/Cengage has an app for your e-books? It’s called “Access My Library” The school edition will connect students and teachers with your library’s E-book collection using your school’s password. If you are a librarian, you need to call Gale to set it up, but then students can access your E-resources from anywhere with their ipod or iphone.

And lastly…

Did you know that these are my three favorite videos?




That’s all for this edition today, and thanks for reading the “Did you know” edition…Now you do!

♥Have a Great Week!♥


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