Infobytes for August

Here’s a great site for current events.  Newseum is a flash site that offers headlines from around the world. Simply choose your map, click on a yellow dot representing a city on the map, and the headlines for the local paper show up on the screen. This is a great way to get a glimpse of today’s headlines.

Looking for some great mobile apps for yourself or your students?

Stanza for ipod and iPhone allows the user to download books right to your phone.

The new Gale app, Access My Library, has a school edition that allows users to log in to your library’s e-books and databases. If you are having trouble with yours, check with your librarian. I was able to get it set up in my library and at GW, since my daughter attends there. 

A previous post, but a good tool is the online timeline creator, Dipity. Easy to use, the kids can create an interactive timeline with pictures, video, and text.

This is just a start, but stay tuned for more info as the school year progresses!


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