May Infobytes


On Richard Byrne’s blog, he highlighted the Japanese Science and Technology Center’s lesson page. These lessons include interactive online lessons with animated diagrams and activities to test comprehension. I tried a few and found them to be informative and robust.

Scientific American offers a gorgeous visual tour of the solar system titled “the 8 wonders of  the Solar System” using video and art from Hugo award winning artist Ron Miller, this is a beautiful interactive video.


If  you watch the CBS Sunday News, you might have seen the edition about the artists who draw the Google Doodles that appear on the homepage. This is an informative video for students as well.

The National Gallery of Art offers students interactive art they can edit. Students can also upload their own digital images to explore their creative side.

 Economics and Financial Literacy:

The Practical Money Skills website includes a ton of great information for teaching financial literacy, including online games for any grade level. From the game that teaches coin values (Ed’s Bank) to the NFL-based Financial Football Training Camp.  I played a couple of these and found that even I have a few things to learn!

Another fun one was Rich Kid, Smart Kid, with a number of games at all grade levels. These games are pretty basic but they teach fundamentals as the children play.

There are many slideshows titles “50 sites for 50 students.” I will post those links soon.


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