Infobytes for May

Searching for change at Sleedo: highlighted today on FreeTech4Teachers, this search engine, powered by Google,  donates 10 grains of rice to the poor every time you use it. I’ve done some searching today with it and have found it to be satisfactory for me needs. It’s going on the bookmarks toolbar!

There are days that I miss out on a lot of information on my twitter page simply because I forget to log in.  Thanks to Scott McLeod’s blog,  “Dangerously Irrelevant,”  I signed up for ReadTwit  and I now have my twitter feed in my reader on MyYahoo, a place I tend to check more often anyway. It’s simple and easy.

Hopefully this link will work, but on April 21st, Colorado Public Radio interviewed Rob Stein, principal of  Manual High School  about his decision to leave Manual. Stein had some interesting comments about education in general.

Want to teach children about website evaluation?  Okay, here’s a good one: All About Explorers.  I read through the blurb about Lewis and Clark (they formed a folk band) and the one about Christopher Columbus (born in 1951 in Sydney, Australia) and realized I really needed to go back to the “For Teachers” page!   This is SO going on my weblist track, right next to the one about the tree octopus.

Larry Ferlazzo recommended a new e-book publisher: epub bud I admit I haven’t played much with this one yet, it looks easy enough, but what seems to be the real appeal here is that you can upload any ebook file to their site and they will convert it to epub so you can read it on your ipad. This looks pretty interesting, I’d love to hear some feedback.

Here’s an interesting one: a web to PDF converter. simply type in the URL and download the pdf. file!

Another quick and easy pdf converter can be found here:


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