My Question for the Superintendent

Today at 3:15, Superintendent Tom Boasberg and Chief Academic Officer Ana Tilton will be at Thomas Jefferson High School to meet with Hamilton MS and TJ faculty.
This is the question I have emailed to him and will have on hand should it not be addressed during the meeting as promised:

For the last two years there has been a trend in the DPS district of replacing full time teacher-librarians with hourly-rate library techs to save money despite the research that shows that schools who have a full-time teacher-librarian score higher on CSAP and have stronger literacy scores across the board. In this age of 21st century skills, trained professional information literacy experts are becoming even more important, but more and more of them are being replaced by hourly employees who have neither the training nor the education to perform this educational duty well. In light of this disparity, what do you plan to do to address the importance of librarians before the lack of these specialized professionals affects our district the way it has in other districts, with tanking literacy scores and overworked teachers trying to fill the gap left by the lack of a trained full time information literacy specialist (i.e. Teacher-Librarian)?


3 thoughts on “My Question for the Superintendent

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  3. At the ILT meeting last week, it was mentioned that we need to work witht he union to change our status as .fte educators similar to the designation of school librarians for Jeffco.
    Who’s my political-minded volunteer with a little more experience who will Start a twitter petition:
    Precedent: The Georgia Library Media Association has started a petition to help advocate for funding to support certified teacher librarians trained in technology integration, 1:1 computing, and broadband access for American schoolchildren. DPS librarians can do the same thing.


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