Earth Day is April 22

If you have some lessons coming up for Earth day, here are some great resources:  is an interactive global map. As your mouse hovers over countries, statistics show on the bottom of the screen including deaths, births, and CO2 emissions.

At the Water Use it Wisely  web sites, you can find some interesting games to play. They’re blocked by DPS filters, but I think we could request an exception, don’t you?

Remember Captain Planet? This online game based on the cartoon looks silly at first, but it’s actually pretty challenging.

Free is a great website. Choose your subject (Art, Chemistry, English, Math, Geography) and answer trivia questions.  Each correct answer nets a donation of  ten grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. As you answer questions correctly, the difficulty level increases. It’s an addictive site.

WWF offers some fun online games related to Earth day. I tried the “Switch ’em Off” game and once I understood the rules, I had fun.

The BBC Climate Challenge Game is pretty complex. Players select policy cards, subsidize countries to change their environmental policies and really learn about the politics behind clean air. This one’s pretty good for High School students.

 There are many games to be found on the Ecogamer website. Not every one’s a winner, some are downloads rather than free online play, but they all work hard to teach the kids in a fun and thoughtful manner.


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