Plagiarism Checkers

As the research paper deadlines loom large, so do those hours spent checking for plagiarism and cheating.

Here are some great tools to help:

The latest from Richard Byrne’s blog is PaperRater.  The nice thing about this site is that it’s free and it’s marketed toward the students. I tested it and it rated my sample paper on a number of points: Originality, Spelling & Grammar, Sophistication of vocabulary, Word choice, and style.  This is a simple, easy to use tool–I would have students submit their paper prior to handing it in to be graded.

Plagium is another free online tool. Simply cut and paste the questionable text into the window and it will check your report. If plagiarism is evident, a chart will show up with red dots to indicate the severity of the plagiarism. A list is also given of web sites that include the plagiarized text. I have yet to test this with databases, but it works well with online copying.

DocCop is another that you need to register for and this program takes itself very seriously. Once you sign up they email you a link. You can then submit your paper, and the report is emailed to you. The nice thing about this is that a teacher can opt to have the students email all reports to the teacher’s email rather than to the student, which can increase accountability.

The Plagiarism Checker is less specific. It takes chunks of the text and identifies problem areas as “possible plagiarism” clicking on this linked text will bring up web sites from which the text was most likely copied.

Another is Plagiarism Detect. I signed up for this one, but it seemed to immediately want money. The 15-day free trial requires a download, but they promise special discounts for educators in the future. It includes a Microsoft plug-in to help with plagiarism as you type, but as this does not qualify as a web 2.0 tool, I leave it up to you, the reader, to decide for yourself.


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