Cool New Tools for February

The Class: This spoof of “The Office” was done by Lynn Schofield Clark’s Innovation in Mass Communications class at the University of Denver. It’s an interesting way to highlight the disparity between teachers and students regarding technology in the classroom.

Slide Six is an easy to use free resource for enhanced podcasting or slide shows. We have DPS librarians using it with success. Looking for a fun way to view your .pdf files? This site allows you to view .pdf files and to flip the pages like a book.

From FreeTech4Teachers: This post talks about a lesson plan comparing wikipedia, online encyclopedias, and primary sources for research. It offers the lesson outline and commentary on how the lesson went. This could be a great lesson plan to modify for your own needs.

Doodle: If you haven’t yet discoverd this handy tool, it’s time to rejoice. Doodle allows you to set up a brief survey to which you can invite others. It’s extremely handy for scheduling meetings. Rather than emailing ten people multiple times, use doodle to set up a survey, have everyone choose their best day/time, and then send out one email to confirm. It’s great.

On Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites for the day, I found his post: “The best Online Interactive Exercises for Writing that are are not Related to Literary Analysis. Boy is this a treasure trove. There are sites about citation, research, writing for an authentic audience, researching and writing biographies, and many, many, many more.


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