Social Networking and your library

Social networking tools are a valuable way to promote your library. As a school librarian, it may not be as effective as it is for public librarians, but you can be assured the children notice when the library home page announces its presence on MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook.

They may not be willing to be your friend, but they might check in to see what’s up.  A savvy librarian can also link twitter and Myspace or Twitter and facebook. If you get your connections right you can update three places at once!

Because of the increase in popularity of these social networking options, you can set up an account, search for libraries, and instantly you have at least a dozen friends! Post videos, update often, and advertise on your homepage. A little typing goes a long way…Here are some tips.

How to Better Engage Facebook Fans:

There’s even a facebook group called Libraries Using Facebook Pages.

Here are the slides from a presentation on libraries and facebook & Second Life.

This is an excellent article for libraries considering Twitter. It answers many FAQ’s and offers sound advice: 

Myspace also has a group called Libraries on MySpace.

Here;s an interesting article on how one library has used MySpace (It is from 2007)

Just remember, keep it fun, multimedia is always a hit, and update often.

A Guide to Twitter in Libraries:


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