Some fun sites to explore over break

Looking for some fun technology to play with over break? Here are a few suggestions:
For Foreign Languages, we have a few favorites.
Digital Dialects, , Offers language learning games and tutorials in over fifty languages including French, Japanese, and  Spanish.
Study Spanish, , allows students to create a free account and keep track of their progress as they learn.
Looking for Best Practices? Need some info for those Graduate classes? Here are a couple of interesting sites:
Doing What Works, , is a project of the US dept. of Ed. The site includes videos, project planning templates, interviews with other teachers, and links for further research.
How about some easy ways to integrate technology? 
FreshBrain, ,  looks pretty darn cool. Right on the home page are buttons for teachers and students to build a Facebook app, make a Youtube movie, or  create a video game. One of the popular projects is to create a web page about cultures.
(I plan to play with this one a lot while waiting for Santa. )
If you’re a Google Addict like me (just got my googlewave invite!) you know there’s a tone of good stuff to be found there. One of the more interesting apps is
Google Living Stories . This is a collaborative project between Google, The New York Times, and The Washington Post to help aggregate news headlines to show the development of a story over time. Visit the site and click on one of the headlines. You will be taken to a page that offers links to full-text news articles arranged chronologically with subject headings on the right margin, and a timeline. I tried it out and got lost in “The Politics of Global Warming” for over an hour.
And how about a little break? is still one of my favorites, especially now that there are more topics for quizzes than before, but if you’re a fan of Cash Cab on Discovery Channel, you can play the game online. But keep in mind, just like the real game, three wrong questions and you’re out!

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